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Love it! Egged Carlsbad Bank Owned House For Sale! LOL

Check out these hilarious photos of this bank repo Carlsbad House For Sale in Olde Carlsbad. This is a pretty good fixer upper in Carlsbad and needs a bit of work. There is definitely a lot of sweat equity in this home for sale in Old Carlsbad, I guess the biggest question is what is it going to sell for and how much dollars are needed to bring it up to speed.

Why is this house egged, you ask? Well my hunch is the owners that couldn’t make the payments anymore and they wanted a free ride! That sounds harsh maybe but who knows what really Happened to this house for sale that the bank owns in Carlsbad. I think this is funny cause there are not many Foreclosures


there these days and when people call me for deals like this they still don’t jump on them because… They’ve been egged? IMG_3889.JPG




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