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So you want to buy Beachfront/ Oceanfront Property in Carlsbad? Show me the money- Proof of funds that is. Really….

Ok, so you make the call. You tell me that you want to buy an Oceanfront Home in San Diego, Carlsbad,  Encinitas, Del Mar, Solana Beach etc. Great. Can you please show me proof of funds? I’ve spent a lot of time searching for CUSTOMERS ( strangers…. ie internet hitch hikers) for Carlsbad Luxury Homes, Carlsbad Beachfront Properties, Carlsbad Oceanfront Homes, condos etc. It always seems to be the same story though…. So, enough is enough…. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

So, whether you are telling me that you want me to help you find ANY TYPE of home, condo, cheapo or luxury home, I want you to know that I am looking for CLIENTS.. not CUSTOMERS. Clients are those who respect my time and will commit to putting me to work for them as their Carlsbad Real Estate Agent. Customers want me to send them emails all day long and disappear and dodge me when I follow up with them. Regardless, if you want to buy Carlsbad Beachfront Property For Sale or Oceanfront home in Carlsbad,  be prepared for me to ask right up front for you to SHOW ME THE MONEY! WHY YOU ASK??? The first thing the listing agent will ask for me  before even considering bothering their CLIENTS ( Sellers) is.. HAS YOUR CLIENT PROVIDED YOU WITH PROOF OF FUNDS ????????????????? So it’s really the listing agents who want to you to SHOW ME THE MONEY! ha ha!

Most  Carlsbad Homes For Sale that are Carlsbad Oceanfront Homes are going to be  over 2 million, but there are a few under 2 mill as of this post!. Normally listings over 2-3 miillion will need proof of funds before any  showings can be arranged. Anyhow, currently there are approximately 10 Direct Oceanfront Homes and condos  in Carlsbad for sale  that you can see if you click here to see all CARLSBAD HOMES FOR SALE by map. So, get going. See these Carlsbad Real Estate listings today. Call me anytime  with proof  of funds in hand if you want me to schedule an appointment to see one of these, or any Oceanfront / Beachfront Homes in San Diego.

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